Managing Calls and Contacts

Control your calls and contacts with these handy online tools.

Aliza Sherman,
October 25, 2008
Episode #026

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I'm personally on the fence about Plaxo. Is it a contact management system? Is it a social network? I'm not convinced that a contact database should be a social network although LinkedIn does the contacts/network blend a lot better. Plus LinkedIn helps facilitate networking between you and your contacts as well as the people who your contacts know. I'd rather get warm leads and personal introductions through my contacts than know what my business contacts are having for breakfast via their status updates! But hey, that might just be me.

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Contact Hero - http://www.contacthero.com/

SpinVox/UReach - http://www.ureach.com/spinvox/

SpinVox - http://www.spinvox.com/

Keepm - http://www.keepm.com/

Plaxo - http://www.plaxo.com/

LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/

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