Can You Talk Yourself Fit?

A new study shows how "old talk" and "fat talk" can damage your self-image. 

Ben Greenfield,
March 18, 2013

Can You Talk Yourself Fit?

by Ben Greenfield

A recent study entitled “I’m not just fat, I’m old: has the study of body image overlooked 'old talk'?” outlines how, similar to talking about being fat, talking about being old is an important indicator of body dissatisfaction. In other words, using phrases such as “I’m not getting any younger” or “Getting old is no fun” actually put people into a state where their level of happiness about the way that they look significantly decreases.

While researchers have known for some time that talking about yourself being fat or overweight drives you towards greater dissatisfaction with your body’s appearance, this new study shows that you should avoid both talking about “being fat” and talking about “getting old.”

On the flipside, you should instead consider talking about being young and being fit. Dwell on the positive aspects of your body and age, such as your toned calves (rather than a belly you need to keep working on) or your spry balancing abilities (even if your left elbow creaks a lot more than it used to).

Identify any negative self-talk in your life, especially if it’s about you being fat or you being old, and leave it for good! Research shows you’ll be happier with a better self-image.

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