What to Serve Vegans at Your Next Dinner Party?

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, so Nutrition Diva joins the Clever Cookstr to share some advice for easy vegan and vegetarian recipes for your next dinner party.  

Kara Rota,
October 15, 2014
Episode #021

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. That's why we invited the amazing Nutrition Diva to talk about vegan and vegetarian meal options. Specifically, what to do when you're throwing a dinner party and hosting vegan or vegetarian guests? Should you run out and invest in a Tofurkey?.

Not at all! There are tons of great dishes that will satisfy the palates of omnivores and vegans alike.

Click to play this episode to learn:

  • The basics of vegan and vegetarian eating. What do people following a plant-based diet eat? What is off limits?

  • How can omnivores work vegan staples and substitutions into their diets.

  • Great options for party foods to feed a dietarily-mixed crowd. (Hint: Mushrooms make for an awesome and healthy meat substitute).

  • Ideas for vegan-friendly appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, and even desserts. (Chia Chocolate Pudding anyone?)

  • Tricky ingredients that you might think are vegan but aren't (and vice versa). Turns out, honey and gelatin are not vegan. 

Click the arrow in the player above to listen to the entire episode. Or download the episode from iTunes and enjoy more vegan and vegetarian tips and tricks.

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