Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet on the Cheap

Looking for a quick, inexpensive way to make your daily routine easier? Check out these 4 tips on how to organize your medicine cabinet with items you already have in your house.

Amanda Thomas
January 30, 2014
Episode #095

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A cute coffee mug can fit on one of the shelves inside the cabinet to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you use dental floss packaged in a small plastic container, toss that in there as well. I like the individual floss picks so I store mine in a small mason jelly jar rather than in the plastic bag they came in. The shelves in most medicine cabinets are adjustable so a tooth care mug will probably need to go on the bottom shelf. Just make sure to adjust the placement of the shelf above it high enough, leaving room to remove brushes and toothpaste easily.

On that same bottom shelf you can stow all your other tall bottles and tubes.  Tall products typically include face cleanser, moisturizer, hair care products, and maybe anti-perspirant. Now, one side of the bottom shelf is tooth care and the other is face and body care.

Not only are mason jelly jars great for storing dental floss picks, they can also be used to store cotton swabs and cotton balls. Keep the lids off, and you’ll always have easy access to these items. Everything is stored in a pretty yet practical way and it’s easy to see when it’s time to refill your jars.  

Ironically enough, one of the things that you may consider not putting back into your medicine cabinet is medication. But, it’s a medicine cabinet you say! The problem is that many medications can be altered by the steam and humidity created by a hot shower or bath so you may want to create a medicine cabinet in your kitchen that will keep your medications and vitamins safe. 

Step #3: Use Small Bins to Collect Small Items

Small drawer organizers are great for catching all kinds of little things in your medicine cabinet. You can find these in the kitchen organizing area at your local Target or Walmart, or if you're like me, you already have a few of them hanging out in the office and kitchen. These little bins measure approximately 2-inches wide by 3-inches tall, and come in varying lengths.

You can use these little trays to organize small, like items into easy-to-grab compartments. One bin can store all your nail care stuff like nail polish, nail files and clippers, and nail polish remover wipes. Another can be filled with first aid items including bandages, Neosporin, first-aid tape, pain reliever, eye drops, and so on. Another one yet can store make-up essentials.

Remember to use your label-maker to clearly mark what belongs in each bin, and there will be no confusion for anyone who needs to access those items.

Step #4: Use the Door

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of little things that can wreak havoc on any kind of organizational system I put in place inside my medicine cabinet. Hair ties, bobby pins, and barrettes can end up everywhere! But I was determined to bring order to this chaos. A solution I’ve used starts with finding a few small metal boxes with see-thru lids. These can even be emptied spice rub tins from the grocery store. Using a roll of magnet tape (it’s magnet on one side and sticky backing on the other side), put a strip of magnet on the bottom of each tin so each can easily adhere to the inside of the metal cabinet door. Store hair ties in one and barrettes in the other, then attach a strip of that same magnet tape to the inside of the door so your bobby pins just stick right to that magnet. Easy peasy!

Finally, look for small, sticky-backed plastic hooks that can be attached to the inside of the cabinet door. Items like your eyelash curler, small scissors, and a small mirror can hang here for easy access and clutter-free storage.

Organization doesn’t have to cost money. Just invest a little bit of time and creativity and you’ll be amazed at how you can whip that medicine cabinet of yours into shape. Once you have your medicine cabinet organized, you’ll be surprised at how many times you want to open it up just to peek in at the new pretty system. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face every morning and night!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.

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