Where to Buy Linen Storage Solutions

Are you on an organizational kick? So is the Domestic CEO! That's why she's put together a list of her favorite spots to shop for storage solutions for your unruly linen closet.

Amanda Thomas,
January 24, 2014

Organizing your linen closet can be quite a chore, but if you don’t have the right accessories, it can become a downright headache. Here are a few of my favorite sources for products that are perfect for turning that messy linen closet into an organized, functional space!

The Container Store is one of my favorite stops for pretty much any kind of organizational tool you can think of. I always have measurements for the type of storage bins or baskets I’m looking for on hand so I can make a wise choice while in the store.  Online shopping is great if that’s your only option but sometimes it really helps to see your options in person.

Quick and Dirty Tip: Whether shopping online or in the store, always search the web for a coupon or promo code before making your purchase. I have saved tons of money by doing this. Why pay full price if you don’t have to?

Ikea is another awesome place to find clever storage solutions. This reasonably-priced store can quite often help me check off many of my storage needs on my list. The only downside is that Ikea stores are typically located only in larger metropolitan areas.

Big box stores like Target, Lowe’s, and Home Depot probably won't have as many storage product options, but if you’re looking for just the basics, they're a decent option.

Finally, don’t rule out the dollar store! There are tons of storage options there. Lots of the plastic storage products found at the dollar store come in bright colors with many shapes and sizes to choose from. Organizing a kids’ linen closet or toy room can be fast, easy, and cheap. Just add an unexpected pop of color for your storage bins and you've brightened the whole space.

Whether you go high-end or bargain basement, choosing the right organization accessories for your linen closet can be an enjoyable, easy project once you know where to shop!

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