An Easy Way to Build Your Credit Score

Laura Adams, MBA,
August 2, 2010

An Easy Way to Build Your Credit Score


Quick Tip: Can a Credit-Building Service Improve Your Credit Score?

If you’re young or don’t have any credit accounts in your name, building up your credit score for the first time can be challenging. Check out williampaid.com, a new credit-building service that creates a payment history from your non-traditional payment data—such as rent, utilities, cable, insurance, and cell phone bills—that usually aren’t reported to the major credit bureaus. WilliamPaid verifies and reports your past and current payment information with packages that start at $14.95. They also have an online rent payment service, where you pay with a credit or debit card and have the payment automatically reported. Your information creates a supplemental FICO Expansion Score, which shows that you’ve paid your bills on time. That positive information may be the key to getting approved for your first credit card or loan. Visit williampaid.com for more information. 

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