Umbilical Cord Care

Today I’ll be talking about caring for your newborn’s umbilical cord.

Cherylyn Feierabend
November 24, 2007
Episode #042

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Diapering can also be challenging, but there are some simple ways to prevent diapers from irritating the area. If you are using disposable diapers, you can use a brand which offers a newborn-style diaper that has a lower front. These are made specifically so they will not interfere with the umbilical cord stump. If you are using a brand that does not have this feature, or if you are using cloth diapers, be sure to fold the front of the diaper down lower than the cord area. This will prevent any friction from the diaper as well as reducing the chance of any liquid or waste seeping up into the area.

Finally, if you notice any type of change in the stump area such as oozing pus, swelling, bleeding or foul smelling discharge there may be an infection. You need to contact your pediatrician immediately. Other possible signs of infection are fever or sensitivity to touch. If your baby cries when the area is touched or has an elevated fever, please call your pediatrician.

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