Make Faster and Easier Group Decisions

Deciding on a restaurant, meeting place, or marketing strategy doesn't have to be painful. Follow Get-It-Done Guy's easy tip for communal planning

Stever Robbins,
November 21, 2011

Quick Tip: Make Group Decisions Easy

Ever try to make a decision with a dozen people via email? It's a horror show! You have emails back and forth with fragments of people's arguments pro and con. My general principle for solving this kind of problem is to create a central place where everyone can go instead of everyone replying all and filling each other's inbox needlessly.

I stumbled on a free online tool that does this: It's Zapproved.com, which helps make group decisions easy. You enter the decision that needs to be made, and an email goes out to everyone involved with a link to a page about the decision. They add their comments and can submit a vote. Instead of everyone trying to remember to email everyone else and keep up with the whole email thread, the website puts all the relevant information in one place. Next time you have a group decision, instead of the tortured back-and-forth, try a tool like Zapproved and centralize your communication.

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