7 Trends in Public Speaking and Presentations (Part 2)

Presentation technology has changed quite a bit since the days of overhead projectors and clip art. The Public Speaker walks you through the latest trends in presentations in Part 2 of this series.

Lisa B. Marshall,
November 21, 2013
Episode #228

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Trend #4: Look - No Hands!

As the in-person, relational trend continues, presenters are looking for nuanced ways to interact with, rather than stand in front of, their audiences. Smart watches, bracelets, and products such as Google Glass allow a more hands-free and therefore more engaging experience. The ability to move slides with gestures rather than with a clicker (e.g. Kinect technology) is a subtle way to keep a casual, personal tone about your presentation while still remaining acutely in charge of it.

Trend #5: Plan Past the PC

As we get more mobile, planning for responsive site design for your presentations is becoming more and more critical. Creating a responsive presentations with Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD) in mind allows viewing in a variety of ways and on a variety of screens (tablets, PCs, phones, and TVs). This will become increasingly important as we continue into the post-PC generation. Here’s a tutorial I found that explains this in more detail

Trend #6: Increase the "Wow Factor"

When I suggested you get rid of the lectern, I really meant it. For those with big budgets and technical teams to assist with marketing efforts, projection mapping and 3D video mapping is now available and can produce some stunning effects.

This type of presentation is more like an experience.  It is highly engaging and memorable and certainly because of the novelty will be highly shared on social media.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  You really need to see it to understand.  Here are a few examples

Integrating LED lighting with A/V systems to more specifically support themes and branding can increase your wow factor. And software that manages multiple devices like projectors, lights, smartboards, and screens all at one time makes creating new effects possible.  This new generation of presentations has the possibility to transcend the traditional experience and be something downright spectacular.

Trend #7: Pile on the Extras

Nowadays, you need to be easily casual, professional, efficient, outgoing, progressive, and engaging.

Finally, a lot is being asked of presenters these days. Conference organizers want any additional value they can get from speakers and often this includes book signings, video trailers, endless cross-posting to social media, and post-presentation social gatherings.  For my most recent gig, I was asked to make a video trailer about the event and my keynote presentation, to deliver an additional a break-out session, and set up a table for a book signing event. 

Nowadays, you need to be easily casual, professional, efficient, outgoing, progressive, and engaging. You need to understand and use technology.  You need to know how to engage, interact, and provide real value beyond your topic.  Oh, and you also need to actually know what you’re talking about.

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Now that you know the latest trends in presentation style and technology, there’s no excuse to keep living in the past. Spice up your presentations with a more audience-centric style and wow your listenrs and viewers with the latest technology.  An please, no more clip art!

Have you seen any trends in presentation that I didn’t cover in this series? I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below.

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