Organize Your Notes Better

Stever Robbins,
September 8, 2010

Quick Tip: Keep Your Notes Organized

Today I have a set of teeny-tiny tips that have surprisingly made my life much easier to manage. As someone who takes notes all the time and everywhere, being a bit deliberate about how I take them makes a big difference.

  • Always date your notes. (It makes it easier to reconstruct the paper trail if you’re ever called as a witness.)

  •  When you jot down a phone number, always write the person’s name above it. If this is someone you just met, jot down where you met them and something to help you remember who they are.

  • When taking pages of notes on a topic or as meeting minutes, date every page and number the pages.

See my full episode on note taking for more information.

Notes image courtesy of Shutterstock