Organizing Tasks

Stever Robbins,
June 28, 2010

Quick Tip: Which Task Should You Work on First?

Does your to-do list have a gajillion things on it? If so, how do you know what to start on first?

Start with the thing you most resist. We often resist the tiny mundane items--expense reports. By doing them first, we stop worrying about them and get them out of our heads, thereby freeing up lots of mental space. We also resist the Big Things like applying to school to get a second degree. They're potentially life-changing, so it's far easier to put them off. By doing those first, we actually start to make our dreams come true, instead of leaving them as dreams.

(And sometimes we tour the dorms, realize they smell like teenager, and decide that perhaps the dream of the second degree could be replaced with a different, more age-appropriate dream. I'm speaking from experience here...)

To-Do image courtesy of Shutterstock