5 Awesome New Features of Windows 8

Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 8 caused an uproar in the tech world. Tech Talker wades through the hype and outlines the 5 best features of the new Windows 8 operating system.

Eric Escobar,
November 8, 2012
Episode #052

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Feature #3: No Start Menu

One of the chief objections that you’ve probably heard about Windows 8 is that it has no Start menu. Microsoft has been using the Start menu for well over a decade and it seems like they’re trying to shake things up a bit. I’ve heard users complain that the new Start screen is difficult to use without a touch screen, and some people aren’t sure how to access their applications without that menu. Well, Microsoft addressed this issue by adding an awesome search feature. Simply type whatever it is you want to launch into the search field and select from there. This cuts down on a ton of wasted time searching through menus.

Feature #4: Syncing

I don’t know about you, but I use up to three different computers a day. I use my desktop when I’m at home because it’s powerful and has a large screen that allows me to play games and edit video. I have my laptop which I take with me whenever I go somewhere. And of course, I also use my work computer daily.

If this sounds like you, then Windows 8 has just the thing! You can now link all of your personal computers and sync the settings across the board. So if you set one computer to turn off its screen after 10 minutes of inactivity, you can set it up so that automatically all of your computers follow this pattern. This may seem a bit mundane, but to those of you out there who know my pain  of having to change many settings across all of your devices, this feature will save much pain and frustration!

Feature #5: Visual Interface

Windows 8 has a redesigned task manager and copy dialogue which provides a much more visual representation of how data movement works on the computer. This new task manager let’s you easily see which programs are using which resources, along with network and processor information. And the copy dialogue no longer gives you just an estimated time it will take to copy or move your files. Instead, it gives you a graph showing the speed of your transfer along with other useful information.

So here’s the quick and dirty on Windows 8:

  1. Storage Spaces creates a drive pool, which will help to consolidate hard drives and protect your data.

  2. Reset and Refresh help clear up most software problems.

  3. The lack of a Start menu actually makes finding what you want easier and more efficient.

  4. Syncing allows you to manage settings across multiple computers.

  5. The new interface provides much more information with easy-to-interpret visualizations of your data.

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