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Latest in Books

The Scent Keeper
Erica Bauermeister

Ever think about how the act of smelling influences your life? Erica Bauermeister, author of The Scent Keeper, examines the effects of scent on your everyday life and offers 6 ways you can harness it as a tool. 

PIGS Stoberock
Johanna Stoberock, Writing For,

Johanna Stoberock, author of "Pigs," discusses a distinct difference in how writers use language: the infamous descriptive versus prescriptive debate. 

The Bells of Old Tokyo
Anna Sherman, Writing For,

Anna Sherman, author of "The Bells of Old Tokyo," talks about the Japanese interpretation of time and trying to understand the eleven dimensions of string theory. 

The Pandora Room
Christopher Golden, Writing For,

Christopher Golden, author of "The Pandora Room," explores the complicated etymology of the word "adventure," deciphering the term's use throughout time. 

All Ships Follow Me
Mieke Eerkens,

Before the end of World War II, some citizens of Pacific countries were imprisoned in internment camps by the Japanese. Mieke Eerkens, author of All Ships Follow Me, details the devastating living conditions.

The Spy in Moscow Station
Eric Haseltine

Eric Haseltine, author of The Spy in Moscow Station, explains common misconceptions about your online privacy and provides tips to help make your personal information safer. 

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