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Latest in Books

Julie Morgenstern,

Julie Morgenstern, author of Time to Parent, Time Management From the Inside Out, and Organizing From the Inside Out, and host of the podcast Time to Parent, explains what it means to become your child's learning coach.

Mr. Nice Guy
Mignon Fogarty,

Authors (and spouses) Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer talk about problems with colons, misused quotation marks, and how grammar brought them together.

The Little Shop of Found Things
Mignon Fogarty,

Paula Brackston, author of "The Little Shop of Found Things," discusses her favorite and least favorite words, and how writing historical fiction means finding a balance between old-time speech patterns and modern language styles.

photo of the cover of a world on edge
Daniel Schönpflug,

Daniel Schönpflug, author of A World on Edge, discusses the post-WWI era and how it was filled with possibility.

Mignon Fogarty,

Author of "Everlasting Nora," Marie Miranda Cruz talks about how "felicity" sounds like happiness and shares a quote that reminds her that humanity isn't doomed. 

Mignon Fogarty,

K Arsenault Rivera, author of "The Phoenix Empress," talks about her love for the word "languor" and the need for more words about, well, love. 

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