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Reinhard Friedl

Dr. Reinhard Friedl, author of The Source of All Things, joined Quick and Dirty Tips for a Q&A about a very complex organ: the heart. 

Reinhard Friedl

Reinhard Friedl's The Source of All Things is a heart surgeon’s personal investigation of the human heart, moving from his riveting clinical experiences to a more poetic understanding of its workings. 

David Sumpter

Is there a secret formula for getting rich? For going viral? For deciding how long to stick with your current job, Netflix series, or even relationship? Turns out there is — the Confidence Equation. 

Andrew Simonet, Interviewed by

Andrew Simonet, author of A Night Twice as Long, has spent years carefully balancing his artistry with his intentions, time, and money. He joined Money Girl Laura Adams for a chat about the financial side of what it takes to be an artist. 

Charlotte Nicole Davis, Writing for

Charlotte Nicole Davis, author of "The Sisters of Reckoning," discusses the embarrassing word she can't spell (hint: it's in this intro) and why it's important to include more AAVE in the dictionary. 

Dr. Aviva Legatt

In Get Real and Get In, Dr. Aviva Legatt provides an insider's guide that teaches students to identify and harness their unique passions, stand out from the crowd, and achieve their dreams.