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Latest in Books

Heather Morris, Writing For,

Heather Morris discusses creating a voice for her characters and the difficulty she faces finding words to describe shameful events, even as a writer. 

Augusten Burroughs, Writing For,

Augusten Burroughs talks about punctuation preferences, language evolution, and an Emily Dickinson quote. 

Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller, author of Don't Keep Your Day Job, discusses how to take the leap from a life you tolerate into a life you love.

creative selection
Ken Kocienda

Ken Kocienda, author of Creative Selection, imagines the societal impact technology could have on its users, with an emphasis of merging liberal arts into this technology. 

Julia Armfield, Writing For,

Julia Armfield, author of "salt slow," discusses earworm-words, how dialogue affects a character's voice, and her favorite Lemony Snicket quote. 

Goldie Goldbloom, Writing For,

Goldie Goldbloom, author of "On Division," discusses the word she made up for pre-rain clouds, using desserts to teach "than vs. then," and writing for characters who think in a foreign language.

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