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Latest in Books

JoAnn Chaney,

JoAnn Chaney, author of "As Long As We Both Shall Live," discusses the power of words, "literally," and how commas can save lives.

destroy all monsters
Jeff Jackson, writing for,

Jeff Jackson, the author of "Destroy All Monsters: The Last Rock Novel," gives readers what he describes as "the filthy history of the word 'punk.'"

this is how it always is
Mignon Fogarty,

Laurie Frankel, author of "This Is How it Always Is," discusses tense problems in her newest novel, why the word "literally" has lost its touch, and "and."

Christopher Sandford,

The world-famous author of Sherlock Holmes was quite the detective himself, evidenced by Christopher Sandford's biography The Man Who Would Be Sherlock. 

Stuart Walton,

Stuart Walton, author of The Devil's Dinner, dives into an exploratory history of the chili pepper, proving that this spice is more than just an ingredient—it's a phenomenon.

Christine S. O'Brien,

Christine S. O'Brien, author of "Crave," shares the environment in which her mom grew up, and how it contributed to her later loyalty to a strict diet called "The Program." 

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