The Common Thread of Sales Success

The basics and fundamentals are the foundation of excellence.

Jeb Blount
2-minute read

In every human endeavor there is a common thread that links together all success. In this episode we will discuss this secret to success.

What is the one common characteristic that defines all experts and consistent top performers in any field, be it sports, academics, medicine, music, science, engineering, law, leadership, business finance, or sales? Now you might be tempted to answer, attitude, talent, persistence, drive but these answers would be incorrect. You see the one thing that ties all experts and exceptionally successful people together is a focus on, the practice of, and adherence to the basics building blocks and fundamentals of their profession.

The basics and fundamentals are the foundation of excellence. It is impossible to be become a professional baseball player without mastering throwing, catching, and hitting. You cannot become a doctor if you have not mastered an understanding of the human anatomy. You will never play violin in an orchestra if you haven’t mastered scales. It is the same for every profession, including sales, where you will never become a top 20% salesperson until you have mastered prospecting, questioning, listening, presenting, and closing.

The top experts in every field have invested thousands of hours in learning and practicing the basics and fundamentals for a good reason. The fundamentals are the foundation on which they hone their talent, leverage their attitude and belief system, and power up their persistence. They recognize that these basic building blocks are the real formula and secret to success.