Desperate People Fail

How to overcome desperation and achieve sales success.

Jeb Blount
5-minute read

I realize you came from the car business where people came to you, but there are very few jobs in sales were leads just walk in your door. In insurance if you don’t prospect you will not eat. Every sales person wants the glory and the big pay check that results from closing big deals. However, before the glory comes the hard work. In other words to be successful in sales you have to take action. First and the most important action you will take as a sales professional is prospecting. In sales, success is paid for in advance with activity.   

Today, tomorrow and throughout your career in sales, 80% of your time should always be spent looking for and seeking out new opportunities. You must keep your funnel full. When I say set aside time I mean blocking a consistent amount of time on your calendar that will be used exclusively for prospecting to new customers - every day. Nothing should ever be allowed to interfere with your daily prospecting. 

Where should you prospect? The answer is everywhere. Think about it. Everyone you meet is a potential customer. You’ve already started with people you know but you’ve quickly figured out that those people are not going to buy. Your better bet is asking for them for referrals and to introduce you to their friends and family. Meet people outside of your circle of friends, family and acquaintances at networking meetings, chamber of commerce mixers, civic organizations, clubs and church. Set up a presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and SalesGravy.com. You should also consider making an investment in advertising or promotion or even begin setting up a booth a community events.

What is most important is action. You absolutely have to get out of your comfort zone and start meeting people because they are not going to come to you. What I promise though is if you make the effort and do a little bit of prospecting every day, in time your pipeline will fill and you will find the job of building your insurance portfolio easier, more fun and you’ll have money in your bank account to prove it.

This is Jeb Blount, the Sales Guy. If you have a sales question please send it to salesguy@quickanddirtytips.com.

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