How to Ask for Something

Afraid to ask for what you want? Do you know the best way to make a request? Public Speaker, Lisa B. Marshall, offers advice on how to ask for something without damaging your relationships. 

Lisa B. Marshall,
May 22, 2015
Episode #296

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How_to_ask_for_somethingI recently came across a group discussion on LinkedIn. Business entrepreneur, Maria Tabaka posted “. . . I think that fear is greatly due to not knowing what to ask for. What ask have you put out there that's had a big impact on your life or business?”

Close to 100 people responded to Maria’s question! What would you say? Here are my favorite 3 responses: 

“I asked the VP of Marketing for 15 minutes of his time. When I got to his office I told him that I received my business degree in marketing, and asked if there were any special projects he or anyone on his team needed help with. 2 weeks later I was offered a marketing communications position.”.

Another said: 

“My biggest ask was to myself when I was transitioning from full-time in Corporate America to full-time entrepreneur. I asked, 'If not now, when?’ Then I went for it! BEST decision of my life.”

And this last one: 

“When I asked my husband if I could cash a CD to start a new company! $50K! And the rest is history.”

Make a Request

Hmmm…for me, I can think of a couple of “asks” that had a big impact on my life. Over 8 years ago, I sent an email to Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl (before she was part of Quick and Dirty Tips), and asked her if we could work together cross-promoting our podcasts. It took patience and persistence, but eventually it lead to joining the QDT team as The Public Speaker (which by the way, did you know that up until I recorded the very first episode, the show was going to be called People Skills Pro?) Anyway, on the personal side, for a big impact in my personal life, I asked my now-husband out for a date!

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