Introducing Safe for Work: A New Podcast from Wondery

Here's a special bonus clip from a new podcast called Safe for Work.

Laura Adams, MBA,
March 22, 2018

covert art for Safe for Work podcast

Hey everyone, I’m Laura Adams and this is the Money Girl podcast, where my mission is to live rich and love the journey.

Today I want to introduce you to a new show coming to you from Wondery called Safe For Work, hosted by Liz Dolan and Matt Ritter. Part of loving the journey along the way to financial success is fulfillment from our day to day work. It’s difficult to stay positive if we don't have a productive work environment. How do we maintain positive business relationships and reach our ultimate goals? It is challenging and at times overwhelming to stay on the right track. How do you navigate some of those tricky situations that come up or make difficult choices about a job change? On Safe For Work, Liz and Matt will take calls from listeners helping them solve problems like these that they are facing, giving advice and sharing their experience and expertise.

You can listen to this clip from the first episode here, and if you love it, go ahead and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Enjoy! 

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