10 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Great content fuels your digital marketing efforts, but your email marketing list sets it all on fire. The list is the spark. Here's how to beef it up.

Diane S. Thieke,

We hear a lot about the importance of content in digital marketing, and none of the hype is wrong. Brands must curate and create interesting, compelling, and relevant content to keep the marketing engine firing at high speed.

But as many digital marketers find, simply publishing blog posts every day or pumping out free downloadable resources isn’t enough. You may gather a few eyeballs here and there - many of whom will be supportive friends – but not nearly enough buyers of your products and services.

This is not to dismiss friends as a useful source of referrals. Quite the contrary, friends can be enormously helpful for giving your business credibility and spreading the word.

But businesses need more than social friends. Digital marketers need a list. The list is what sparks your growth. As much as you love your business and the products and services you sell, let’s face it: your buyers, fans, followers, and friends won’t be thinking about you night and day unless you have a way to gently nudge them.

We call this the drip, drip, drip of email marketing. With a robust and growing email contact list, you can reach your audience with new content on a regular schedule. If you’re starting fresh, building your list should be one of your top priorities.

Fortunately, there are many ways to gain subscribers...


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