Are You a Social Media Pack Rat?

May 17 is National Pack Rat Day. In honor of this holiday, learn to declutter your social media profiles with the Public Speaker's 6 easy tips. 

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #251

May 17 is National Pack Rat Day.

The point of this day is to take the time to assess our surroundings and see if we’re hoarding or collecting things that just add clutter to our already busy lives. That's why today, I want to talk about how to declutter your social media profiles - especially if you are a social media pack rat.;

What are some of the things we "collect" when it comes to social media? It can be anything from friends, to followers, connections, photos, pages, groups, and on and on it goes. Let’s take a look at some areas that might benefit from a little spring cleaning:

Tip #1:  Update Your Bio

People do read your profile information. Every day. Check to make sure your social media profiles are still up to date. This is probably most important on LinkedIn. Be sure your resume and job titles are current. Clean up the keywords you use to describe your work experience. Get rid of generic descriptors such as “people person,” “team player” or “process-oriented.” Replace them with terms that specifically describe your hard skills. Add some quantitative evidence of your skills and abilities instead of using generalities.

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Tip #2:  Clean Up Your Photos

Throughout the year, I go through and remove pictures I’ve posted online, especially if they’ve been up for a while. I do this at regular intervals because I’m concerned about privacy.

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I suggest at least going through your photos and removing any that could potentially hurt you in a job search or hurt your reputation. I store my photos locally, however, I know that for many people, Facebook is the only place they keep photos. I suggest finding a more secure and less public way of storing them.

Tip #3:  Declutter Your Newsfeed

Sometimes my Facebook and Twitter feeds look a lot like spam. The next few times you log on, pay close attention to what’s showing up in your feed and think about how to declutter.

For example, I’ve hidden a few people who constantly post product advertisements or go on political rants. I’ve also “unliked” pages that aren’t interesting or relevant to me or that post too often.


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Lisa B. Marshall

Lisa B. Marshall Lisa holds masters with duel degrees in interpersonal/intercultural communication and organizational communication. She’s the author of Smart Talk: The Public Speaker's Guide to Success in Every Situation, as well as Ace Your Interview, Powerful Presenter, and Expert Presenter. Her work has been featured in CBS Money Watch, Ragan.com, Woman's Day, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and many others. Her institutional clients include Johns Hopkins Medicine, Harvard University, NY Academy of Science, University of Pennsylvania, Genentech, and Roche.