How to Take Notes on the Go

Creating an easy to use repository for all your notes.

Stever Robbins,
March 16, 2012

Say, you're attending a concert, and want to take notes so you can write a review for your newsletter. Or you’re at a social event and want to take ongoing notes about your friends' faults, and send along a helpful summary every week. The good news there is that soon, you won't have to worry about remembering addresses because your social circle will be trimmed down to a much more manageable size. But nonetheless, you still need someplace for those notes, so I recommend you put them into your email.

Rather than typing your notes in a random file somewhere on your computer or smartphone, email them. To ensure they don’t get mixed up in your inbox with your personal mail, visit Gmail.com and create an account you'll use as a repository for all your reference material. Choose a username like MyReference@gmail.com.

Now, when you're taking notes, type them directly into an email message. Then email it to your reference Gmail account, and you'll have it available forever, from any machine with a web browser. These days, that even includes your toaster.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock