Why You Mumble (and Why You Need to Stop!)

In Part 1 of this series, The Public Speaker explains why we learn to mumble at a young age, and why we need to articulate and enunciate our words in ordeer to succeed.

Lisa B. Marshall,
September 13, 2013
Episode #219

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The Public Speaker reader, James, wrote to me saying, “I habitually mumble.  People regularly ask me to repeat myself.  I need your help to stop mumbling!  It’s killing my credibility.”


Most of us do it without even knowing it. Sometimes we even do it on purpose. However, mumbling is a bad habit, particularly in a professional or educational environment. As James mentions, you can instantly lose credibility when you don’t speak clearly and plainly.>

Today we’re going to talk about the reasons people mumble and in the second part of this mini-series I’ll talk about techniques you can employ to stop mumbling and be heard.

In my house, I often find myself saying to my daughters, “Can you please repeat that slowly and clearly so that I can understand you?”  Although it bothers me that I have to keep reminding my children to enunciate, I can think of 5 good reasons why my girls sometimes mumble. I think you’ll be able to relate to these reasons too!


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