Change Your Speech Rate For Impact & Momentum

The rate at which you speak affects how people perceive you.

Lisa B. Marshall,
March 28, 2012

The rate of your voice makes a difference too. It turns out we form impressions based on rate of speech. If you’re talking, really, really, fast--faster than 165 words per minute—you’ll be perceived to be really, really, nervous. So, you'll need to slow down. Slow down.

In general, both beginners and professionals can usually benefit from slowing down. Take time to take full breaths, take time to say your words fully and completely, and take time to let your words settle and digest with your listener.

It's an area I still struggle with. I think many of us just want to get through the information, so we rush. Or we’re slightly nervous, so we rush. Or we’ve delivered it so many times, we rush. The bottom line is slowing down will help significantly.

Talk slightly faster or slower when you are about to deliver important words.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock