Should You Write Your Own LinkedIn Recommendation?

Is it ever OK to write a recommendation for yourself?

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #113

The recommender probably doesn't know enough about the details of the prospective position to write an appropriate recommendation and may not even fully remember the person or their projects. It’s also possible that the recommender has so many positive things he could say, he just doesn’t know which particular traits and qualities to emphasize. So I like to view providing your own a pre-written recommendation as a courtesy. (By the way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the recommendation will be returned exactly as it was written. There is always the option write something completely different.)

LinkedIn Recommendations Reflect On the Writer Too

Scott, I also wonder if your ex-co-worker recognizes that recommendations also reflect on the person who writes them. When someone is reviewing a LinkedIn recommendation, with a single click, the reader can see the profile of the author. You will be judged by the quality and quantity of recommendations that you receive and by the quality and quantity of the recommendations you write.

And, by the way, that’s exactly why LinkedIn recommendations are so powerful and important.

That’s why I asked you the question in the beginning. Do you really want a recommendation from this person and do you want to endorse him? Only you know the best course of action. Hopefully I’ve given you enough to think this through, if not, I’ve decided to continue to discussion over on the Facebook page for others listeners to weigh in.

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