Why Show Appreciation?

Learn how to develop an appreciation habit with the seven day, seven seed challenge.

Lisa B. Marshall
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My Mother’s Appreciation Tea Party

Today I went to my daughter’s preschool for my Mother’s Day Appreciation Tea and was greeted by my daughter with a beautiful white rose. She also handed me a card that contained her answers to a series of questions: My Mom’s favorite color is…I know she’s really happy when…

My favorite answers were the last three.

My Mom is 20 feet tall and weights 2 lbs. Most of all I love her because … she loves me.

Of course, this was a memorable “Mom moment.” My heart swelled and I really did feel like I was 20 feet tall. It’s amazing how a few words of appreciation can transform you.

Showing Appreciation is Important

We all need to know that we’re important in other people’s lives. We all want to be noticed and valued. And we really need to be noticed and valued. Appreciation is at the core of all healthy relationships.

So today’s Mother’s Day episode is a reminder to develop an attitude of gratitude-- to make a conscious effort to express daily, your delight and encouragement. Don’t just express your appreciation on Mother’s Day; make it part of who are.

Most of us feel like we don’t get enough appreciation. Did you know that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because of a lack of appreciation? It’s demoralizing when you’re not recognized for your efforts and skills.

So what can you do to develop an attitude of gratitude? To develop a culture of recognition?

Did you know that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because of a lack of appreciation? It’s demoralizing when you’re not recognized for your efforts and skills.

Use Your Words to Show Appreciation

Like I tell my kids, “Use your words.” It is amazing how far a simple, “Thanks, I appreciate that,” will go.

When I’m putting my kids to bed we always talk about the day. I try to point out one or two specific things that happened that I appreciated. “When you picked up your toys today without me asking, it made me happy. Thank you for remembering to do that.” My twins are five years old; you can probably imagine how they light up from the praise.

Just last week I was beaming. I received an email from a listener. She expressed her appreciation and then said that “I made a difference”. I’ve got to say, it really made me feel good; so I sent her a email telling her that she made my day.

At one job, my boss’s boss, Fred, was great at showing appreciation. He would regularly send “atta girl” emails using a HUGE font and bright colors. He would say stuff like “Way to go! You are amazing!” and then he would copy all of the senior management. After receiving one of his emails, it made me want to work even harder. It didn’t cost Fred anything, but a few moments of time.


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