Managing Calls and Contacts

Control your calls and contacts with these handy online tools.

Aliza Sherman
3-minute read
Episode #26

Hi there, The Digital Marketer here, ready to help you put the power of the Internet and technology to work for your business.

Are you having trouble managing your calls and contacts and are looking for an online solution? There are free and fee-based services on the Web that could work for you.

Call Management

Are you looking for a way to better manage the calls you receive or the calls you have to make? I recently signed up for two services to help me with both of those aspects of call management.

Contact Hero is a Web-based and mobile contact manager that helps keep track of not only your contacts but also the calls you need to make. You can make notes about each contact regarding a recent call you've had with them or other key information. You can also enter the date and time for calls you need to place. Contact Hero will email you each day listing out the calls on your agenda. Once you've made them, just mark them as complete.

Contact Hero has a really nice interface for your mobile device. Even I found the interface easy-to-use, and I would currently consider myself very iPhone challenged at the moment. You can download all your contacts as a CSV,  XML or vCard file. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial to test out Contact Hero. The cost of the service after that is $9.99 per month.