Is it OK to Pronounce Zero as O?

Have you ever been criticized for pronouncing zero as "o"? Find out when it's OK and when it's not.

Mignon Fogarty

pronounce zero as o

Sometimes people think that it’s wrong to pronounce zero as “oh,” but it’s actually OK in certain contexts. 

For example, it’s fine—even normal—to say “oh” when you’re reading a series of numbers such as 

  • A zip code (90210)
  • A room number (room 404)
  • A phone number (555-206-1234)
  • A credit card number (1024 5026 9046 8065)

Of course, we can’t forget agent designations: James Bond (Agent 007).

You pronounce it “zero” when you are talking about math or science. For example, you would say “five minus zero equals five” or that the temperature is “below zero.”

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