Use 'Tom Swifty' Jokes to Teach Adverbs

Teaching adverbs is more fun when you do it using Tom Swifty jokes.

Mignon Fogarty,

Sentence Theme Ideas for These Tom Swifty Adverbs

abominably (Write a sentence about the abonimable snowman.)

chivalrously (Write a sentence about a knight.)

detestably (Write a sentence about a school test or exam that didn't happen.)

freely (Write a sentence about escaped prisoners.)

grandly (Write a sentence that plays on the "thousand" meaning of "grand.")

handily (Write a sentence about something you do with your hands such as juggling or communicating with sign language.)

laboriously (Write a sentence about unions [e.g., labor unions]).

masterfully (Write a sentence about a student studying for a master's degree or a dog's master.)

monstrously (Write a sentence about a vampire or werewolf.)

notably (Write a sentence that refers to musical notes.)

tirelessly (Write a sentence about a vehicle with a flat tire or missing tire.)

sorely (Write a sentence about a runner with blisters on his or her feet.)

sweetly (Write a sentence about candy or a hotel suite.)

Teach adverbs with Tom Swifty jokes.

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