Use 'Tom Swifty' Jokes to Teach Adverbs

Teaching adverbs is more fun when you do it using Tom Swifty jokes.

Mignon Fogarty
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Sentence Theme Ideas for These Tom Swifty Adverbs

abominably (Write a sentence about the abonimable snowman.)

chivalrously (Write a sentence about a knight.)

detestably (Write a sentence about a school test or exam that didn't happen.)

freely (Write a sentence about escaped prisoners.)

grandly (Write a sentence that plays on the "thousand" meaning of "grand.")

handily (Write a sentence about something you do with your hands such as juggling or communicating with sign language.)

laboriously (Write a sentence about unions [e.g., labor unions]).

masterfully (Write a sentence about a student studying for a master's degree or a dog's master.)

monstrously (Write a sentence about a vampire or werewolf.)

notably (Write a sentence that refers to musical notes.)

tirelessly (Write a sentence about a vehicle with a flat tire or missing tire.)

sorely (Write a sentence about a runner with blisters on his or her feet.)

sweetly (Write a sentence about candy or a hotel suite.)

Teach adverbs with Tom Swifty jokes.

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