Surprise! People in This Country Read the Most Books

If you follow trends, you might think that 2020 was the year of TikTok drama, Netflix, and sourdough starter. But as lockdowns started, many of us turned to the comforting pages of books. This fascinating infographic takes a look at reading habits around the world ... and some of the stats (like which country reads the most) may surprise you!

QDT Editor
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Have you wondered how other people have been spending their time in 2020 while at home?

While Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube have seen a huge spike in usage, and online education platforms such as MasterClass have grown, one age-old pastime has also become more popular—reading books.

Global English Editing pulled together a fascinating infographic that explores the world’s reading habits in 2020. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the infographic:

  • Reading was up by a whopping 35% across the world in 2020.
  • Printed books still drive more revenue than ebooks and audiobooks (though the gap is closing).
  • While social isolation has kept some couples apart, we’re reading more romance novels than ever.
  • People in India spend the most time reading at 10 hours and 42 minutes per person per week.

No doubt, it was a great year for having your nose in a book whether you were looking for a distraction, to lower your stress levels, or probably a bit of both.

Check out the fascinating stats below to see how your reading in 2020 compares to the rest of the world.