Introducing 'Case Closed' from Macmillan Podcasts

In this special preview of "Case Closed," a new show by Macmillan Podcasts, we're introduced to Georgia man Rusty Sneiderman, who is shot in broad daylight in the parking lot of his son's nursery.

Giles Milton
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BONUS: Introducing 'Case Closed'

Holed up in a small, cell-like office in the Flatiron Building, editor Charlie Spicer has been churning out one true crime book after another for over 30 years. He's quick to point out he's not the Marquis de Sade; his personal life is entirely separate from the macabre stories he peddles. He's just got a good eye for a gruesome yarn, and Spicer is finally taking his true crime expertise to a world where the genre thrives: podcasts. 

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Enter "Case Closed," a new show from Macmillan Podcasts, hosted by Charlie Spicer. In Season 1, we learn about a Georgia man who is shot in broad daylight in the parking lot of his son's nursery. A minivan pulls up, fires four times, and peels off. Who killed Rusty Sneiderman? Is the prosecution on to something when their search brings them to the doorstep of Rusty's wife Andrea and her boss Hemy? Is $2 million in life insurance enough to turn a wife against her husband?

Based on the book Crazy For You by Associated Press reporter Michael Fleeman, Season 1 of "Case Closed" explores the dark underbelly of fidelity and desire. 

Listen to a special preview of "Case Closed" just for Unknown History readers. If you're hooked and want to hear the rest, you can find all 14 episodes available exclusively on Stitcher Premium.

For a free month, go to stitcherpremium.com/caseclosed

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Giles Milton

Giles Milton is a writer and historian who graduated from the University of Bristol. He is an internationally bestselling author of nine works of narrative non-fiction and three novels. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and serialized by the BBC.

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