The Story of Quick and Dirty Tips

From its humble beginnings to now celebrating 300 million downloads, the story of Quick and Dirty Tips is one of determination, luck, and innovation.

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celebrating 300 million downloads

It all started on a napkin.

In 2006, science writer and self-professed grammar fanatic Mignon Fogarty sat in a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, California. She was editing an article and upon finding the umpteenth instance of an author mistaking "affect" for "effect," she had a brainstorm: “What if I could share my passion for the English language with people all over the world in a quick, fun, and useful way?”

That day, the Grammar Girl podcast was born. It became an overnight success, shooting through the top 10 in iTunes in just 6 weeks and now, over a decade later, with an audience of 81 million listeners across the globe, from Germany to the Philippines.

After the lightning fast success of her podcast, Mignon had another idea—a bigger one. Why not expand the short-form educational podcast formula to cover not just grammar, but other topics of interest too? And so, the Quick and Dirty Tips network was formed.

Quick and Dirty Tips (QDT for short) joined forces with Macmillan Publishers, forming a joint venture that grew into a full-blown network which is now one of the most trusted content providers in podcasting. QDT is home to nine active hosts, each one an expert in in their field, who provide weekly episodes on topics ranging from personal finance, to parenting, science, health, relationships, and everything in between. With QDT, you can figure out the best exercise regimen for your body, learn how to be less anxious on a date, organize your cluttered office, stop tantrums in their tracks, run your small business, and do almost anything else you want to do, better.  

Along the way from its napkin beginnings, QDT expanded from podcasting to apps, games, live events, dozens of bestselling books, and many other ways to serve its audience.

“Much has changed—online and in our organization,” says Mignon. “But we’ve stayed very true to the original mission I envisioned in that coffee shop—providing quick, useful, approachable information on grammar and other topics in an ongoing dialogue with our fans.”

QDT fans clearly approve of this approach because we’re celebrating a major milestone this month: 300 million podcast downloads! 

2.3 million users visit the site every month and we’re honored to have appeared across national media, from the TODAY Show and CBS News to The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Scientific American, and more.

But we’re not stopping to rest on our laurels! We’re looking forward to expanding our network to include even more subject matter experts and continuing to do what we do best—helping you live a happier, healthier, better life, no matter what stage of it you’re in.

Here’s to the next 300 million!



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