How to Add Quickly

Learn two quick and dirty tips to help you kick your calculator dependency and make faster calculations in your head.

Jason Marshall, PhD
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Episode #8

How to Add Quickly, Part 1

Wrap Up

You can find several practice problems below to help you sharpen your skills. Remember, try to work them out in your head if you can. Next week we'll combine these two tips with a couple of other tricks, and continue your transformation into a calculating machine. Then, get ready, because the week after that we’re going to begin our foray into the world of fractions, decimals, and percentages.

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Practice Problems

The only way to become proficient is to practice! For these problems, add from the top down. Be sure to look for pairs or groups of numbers that add to ten. For example, in this problem





+ 1

you should count in your head: 3, 13, 23. In other words, 3 + (6+4) + (9+1). Here are two practice problems with a single column of numbers to add:

Problem #1:





+ 3

Problem #2:





+ 1

Here’s a problem with two columns of numbers to add. Look for pairs that add to ten in each column.

 Problem #3:





+ 73

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