1. I have a question I would like one of the Quick and Dirty Tips experts to answer.  How do I contact them?

The best way to reach one of the Quick and Dirty Tips hosts is to click the link to their host home page. Just find the host you’d like to contact (for example, Grammar Girl) and you’ll see her contact information on the right hand side of the page. Alternatively, just email the QDT team at contact@quickanddirtytips.com. 

2. I would like to write and host a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.  How do I propose a new Quick and Dirty Tips show?

If you would like to propose a new podcast show for the Quick and Dirty Tips network, please submit the following to editor@quickanddirtytips.com:

A short description (200 words or less) of the topic you would cover in a QDT podcast show

A short professional bio (200 words or less) that illustrates your qualifications for offering advice on the suggested topic

Three (3) sample podcast episode topics that you would cover in the suggested show

Links to any writing samples or audio podcasts that illustrate your writing and performance skills

3. Do you accept  posts or articles written by someone other than the experts associated with each Quick and Dirty Tips podcast show?

We occasionally accept guest posts on the Quick and Dirty Tips website. If you have an idea that fits with our style and content matter, please send a brief pitch to editor@quickanddirtytips.com. The pitch should include a specific article idea, your bio, and links to any writing samples.

4. Why does your site use ads? 

Quick and Dirty Tips is a free resource, and as such, we rely on ads to keep the lights on. We try to make sure our ads aren’t disruptive, but sometimes bad ones slip through. If you encounter an ad that is covering content or makes it difficult to read the page you’re on, please take a screenshot and send it to advertising@quickanddirtytips.com. 

5. How can I support Quick and Dirty Tips directly? 

Thank you so much for supporting our work! If you’d like to support us, consider buying something from our sponsors. All our active deals are listed on our Offers page. You might get a great discount for something you already wanted!

You can also show your support by signing up for a membership to listen to our podcasts ad-free on Stitcher Premium. Start a free monthly trial today and use the code GRAMMAR to get 7 days free.

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