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Episode 776 June 18, 2020 ‘Clue’ or ‘Clew’?
Blog post June 18, 2020 'Systemic' or 'Systematic'?
Blog post June 12, 2020 What Does ‘A Few’ Mean? What Does ‘A Couple’ Mean?
Episode 775 June 11, 2020 What Is That Saying About ‘Bad Apples’ Again?
Episode 774 June 4, 2020 You Have a Responsibility to Write Clearly, and We Have Advice on How to Do It
Book June 4, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Ann Cardinal on Stuffy Language
Book June 3, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Angie Kim on Diphthongs and Onomatopoeia
Blog post May 29, 2020 What Does ‘Bougie’ Mean? Does It Come From ‘Bourgeois’?
Blog post May 28, 2020 ‘Re-Enter’ or ‘Reenter’?
Episode 773 May 28, 2020 Postal Zones Came Before Zip Codes
Episode 772 May 21, 2020 3 Different Ways to Style 'ZIP Code' (or Is That 'ZIP code' or 'zip code'?)
Episode 771 May 14, 2020 Lessons from Bad Job Applications
Blog post May 8, 2020 What Is the Gender-Neutral Version of 'Fisherman'?
Blog post May 8, 2020 2020 AP Stylebook Updates
Episode 770 May 7, 2020 ‘Muslim’ or ‘Moslem’?
Blog post April 30, 2020 What Does 'Zhuzh' Mean (and Why Is It So Hard to Spell)?
Episode 769 April 30, 2020 Why Do We Say 'Cool Your Heels'?
Book April 30, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Brian Panowich on Dialogue and Dialect
Blog post April 24, 2020 What Does ‘Cabin Fever’ Mean? Plus Other ‘Fever’ Words
Episode 768 April 23, 2020 Why Are We ‘Overwhelmed,’ but not ‘Whelmed’?
Book April 22, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Ilana C. Myer on Letters as Colors
Book April 21, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Jessica Pennington on Email Punctuation
Episode 767 April 16, 2020 Cecelia Watson on World Semicolon Day
Blog post April 13, 2020 11 Cool Products for Scrabble Lovers
Blog post April 13, 2020 4 Tips for Staying Motivated on Long Writing Assignments