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Blog post August 20, 2020 Why Do I Really, Really Want to Say ‘Had Went’?
Episode 785 August 20, 2020 ‘Gantlet’ or ‘Gauntlet’?
Blog post August 19, 2020 Which Generation Reads the Most?
Episode 784 August 13, 2020 'Historic' Versus 'Historical'
Blog post August 13, 2020 Use Punctuation Like a Pro to Drive Home Your Meaning
Blog post August 6, 2020 When You Should Use (and Avoid) Contractions
Episode 783 August 6, 2020 How Do Hurricanes Get Their Names?
Book August 4, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Elsa Hart on Grogging
Blog post July 30, 2020 'Money,' 'Monies,' or 'Moneys'?
Episode 782 July 30, 2020 What Is a Diaeresis, and Why Do We Use It?
Blog post July 23, 2020 The Difference Between Young Adult and Middle Grade: A Primer
Episode 781 July 23, 2020 Blursday or Whensday?
Episode 780 July 16, 2020 Which Comes First? Who or Where?
Blog post July 10, 2020 Improve Your Storytelling with Playwriting Techniques
Blog post July 10, 2020 Capitalizing 'Black'
Episode 779 July 9, 2020 You Can Help the OED with Antedating
Blog post July 3, 2020 The Evolution of 'Yoiks'
Episode 778 July 2, 2020 Where Do We Get the Saying About 'Red Skies at Night'? (And Is It True?)
Episode 777 June 25, 2020 How to Write Action Sequences
Episode 776 June 18, 2020 ‘Clue’ or ‘Clew’?
Blog post June 18, 2020 'Systemic' or 'Systematic'?
Blog post June 12, 2020 What Does ‘A Few’ Mean? What Does ‘A Couple’ Mean?
Episode 775 June 11, 2020 What Is That Saying About ‘Bad Apples’ Again?
Episode 774 June 4, 2020 You Have a Responsibility to Write Clearly, and We Have Advice on How to Do It
Book June 4, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Ann Cardinal on Stuffy Language