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Episode 766 April 9, 2020 'Flout' Versus 'Flaunt'
Blog post April 9, 2020 'Ban Together' or 'Band Together'?
Book April 6, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Scott Oden on Double Spaces After Periods
Episode 765 April 2, 2020 'Martial Law' or 'Marshall Law'?
Episode 763 April 2, 2020 7 Ways to Write Better Email Messages
Episode 762 April 2, 2020 'Celtic' Pronunciation: Is It 'Seltik" or "Keltik'?
Episode 761 April 2, 2020 Daylight Saving Time
Book April 2, 2020 Grammar Quirks: Natalie Jenner on Grammar as Music
Blog post March 27, 2020 What Does 'Existential' Mean?
Episode 764 March 26, 2020 What Is a ‘Skeleton Crew’?
Blog post March 26, 2020 ‘Uncharted’ or ‘Unchartered’
Blog post March 25, 2020 Vaccine or Vaccination?
Blog post March 19, 2020 'Canceled' or 'Cancelled'?
Book March 17, 2020 Grammar Quirks: The Grammar Pet Peeves of Mary Cecilia Jackson
Blog post March 16, 2020 What Does It Mean to 'Hunker Down'?
Blog post March 13, 2020 Do You Capitalize Disease Names Like Coronavirus?
Blog post March 12, 2020 ‘Pandemic’ vs. ‘Epidemic’—What's the Difference?
Blog post March 12, 2020 Is the First Dictionary Pronunciation the Best One?
Blog post March 12, 2020 'Whisky' or 'Whiskey'?
Episode March 12, 2020 BONUS: LeVar Burton Reads is back!
Blog post March 5, 2020 The History of the Word ‘Woman’
Blog post February 28, 2020 5 Types of Writing You’ll Encounter in College
Episode 760 February 27, 2020 What Are the Different Book Genres?
Blog post February 27, 2020 'Fringe' or 'Bangs'?
Blog post February 20, 2020 Why Do We ‘Drive Home’ but ‘Drive TO Work’?