6 DIY Remedies for Razor Burn

Razor burn got you down? Here are homemade remedies for your razor cuts, bumps, and rashes using everything from avocado to yogurt.

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6 DIY Remedies for Razor Burn

Avocado Razor Burn Treatment

Smooth, creamy, and moisturizing, mashed avocado makes a fantastic (and tasty!) soother for razor-burn rashes. The oils in avocado are also super-hydrating, so consider using any leftovers on your dry skin, if you haven’t already eaten them!

Tea for Razor Rash

You were shaving too quickly (or with an old razor), and now you have razor burn. Try some black tea! Soak a bag in water until it’s plump, then squeeze out the excess. Apply directly to irritated skin. The tannins in tea help reduce inflammation.

Aloe Antidote

That cooling gel you use to soothe stinging sunburns will also work on your razor burn. Just rub it over your inflamed skin and let the soothing begin! Do you have an aloe plant at home? Break off a leaf or two, squeeze to release its pulpy juice, and coat your rash with it.

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DIY Razor Bump Cream

Don’t waste your money on razor-bump creams at the drugstore. The active ingredient in most of those products is called acetylsalicylic acid—or, in normal-speak, aspirin! Affordable and easy to find, aspirin is a go-to anti-inflammatory used for countless conditions, and when applied to the skin, it can eliminate the redness, pain, and swelling of razor burn. As long as you’re not allergic to aspirin, crush a few tablets and combine with enough water to form a paste (the number of aspirin tablets depends on the size of your rash). If you have dry skin, swap the water with olive oil. Spread the aspirin cream over your rash, leave it to dry, then rinse. Money saved: $10-30.

Cure Razor Burn with Yogurt

Ouch! Your razor was a bit dull and now you have razor burn. Cure the redness and pain instantly by applying a layer of plain yogurt to the area. Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse off and pat dry. The lactic acid in the yogurt will calm your irritated skin.

More Help from the Medicine Cabinet

Here’s another medicine cabinet treatment for razor burn: a liquid antacid. The active ingredient will calm redness and irritation. Rub some on the skin, leave for five minutes, then rinse.

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