7 Home Remedies for Burns

If you're wondering what to put on your burn to stop the pain, here are 7 natural remedies for quick and long-term burn pain relief, from ginger to tea bags.

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Ginger for Burns

If you sustain a minor burn in the kitchen, reach for some ginger. Cut off the end and press the exposed area against your burn. Many say ginger works even better than a piece of aloe plant at soothing burns.

Burn An-Tea-Dote

If you’ve burned yourself in the kitchen, help is close by. Researchers at UCLA found that the tannins found in tea can soothe burns in as little as five minutes. After rinsing and cleaning a minor burn, place a cool, wet teabag directly on the area for relief.

How to Ease a Burned Mouth

Ow! If you or your child bites into a piece of pizza that’s too hot to eat, reach for a glass of milk. Drinking milk will soothe the roof of your mouth better than drinking cold water will, because the protein in milk will create a protective film over any burns. Now let the pizza cool a bit before you take another bite!

Baking Soda Bath for Burns

A cup or two of baking soda poured into a bathtub full of warm water will relieve burned skin and is a fantastic soak for those unfortunate enough to be burned over large areas of their body. You can also create a paste with baking soda and water and apply it as a compress.

Help Burns with Salt

Once a blister forms over your minor burn, you can help it heal with a salt water compress. Mix together 2 tablespoons salt with a tablespoon water, and transfer this paste to a clean, dry cloth. Press it against the burned skin for up to an hour. As anyone who has spent time by the ocean knows, salt water helps speed the healing of minor wounds.

Vitamin E Treatment

If your burn is on the mend, help it on its way with some vitamin E. Just pop open a capsule (the same kind you’d take as a dietary supplement) and rub the contents on your skin. Vitamin E is thought to prevent scarring.

Natural Remedies from Your Kitchen

If you don’t have any of the above on hand, don’t fret! A number of common kitchen staples can help relieve the inflammation of a burn. Good choices include honey, tofu, cucumber, a banana peel, grated carrot, raw potato, and even yogurt. These cool foods will give you quick relief of your symptoms.

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