8 Things You Need to Know About Getting Rid of Greasy Hair

Say goodbye to greasy summer hair with these eight tricks for keeping hair soft and shiny without the oily build-up.

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Greasy Hair

Don’t Overwash

If you have greasy hair, you might be tempted to wash your hair more frequently to wipe out the oils, but washing too often can prompt your oil glands to overcompensate with even more oil.

Dry Shampoos Work Best

If you suffer from overly greasy hair, try using dry shampoos rather than regular ones—the powdery cleansers absorb oils without sending your scalp into oil overload.

You Can Make Your Own Clarifying Shampoo for Pennies

Clarifying shampoos are often recommended for oily hair, as they eliminate all the nasty build-up that conditioners, oils, and styling products leave behind. However, you don’t need another pricey hair-care product in the bathroom—just make your own instead! All you need is to add baking soda: Just pour 1–2 tablespoons into your palm, mix in your regular shampoo, and wash.

Lemons Can Fix Greasy Hair

The acidity and astringency of lemons can work wonders for oily hair and skin. Squeeze the juice from two lemons and combine with a cup of water. Shower first, then towel-dry hair and rub the lemon mixture into your scalp. Wait a few minutes, then rinse. (Don’t use this treatment if you have color-treated hair.)

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

If you have greasy hair, you should skip those moisturizing conditioners, right? Wrong! An oily hair problem is really an oily scalp problem, as your scalp is producing the excess oils that are greasing you up—not the conditioners you use. Instead, use a lightweight conditioner and only apply it below the scalp area, from about midway down the length of your hair to the bottom ends. 

It’s All About Pore Tightening

Astringents like witch hazel and mouthwash can help tighten pores and temper oil production in your scalp. Use either one or both together for a great double-dose scalp solution. Just dab on the oily scalp as a toner after your shower. 

Pre-Wash with Vinegar or Tea

Get rid of excess oil with peppermint tea or apple cider vinegar. Pour some over your scalp and let sit for several minutes before ach time you shampoo. It will get rid of grease and make your hair ready for shampooing and conditioning.

Herbs Can Help

If you have an oily scalp, try this toning rinse. Take sprig or two of rosemary, along with equal parts sage, and place the herbs in a small saucepan with water to cover. Bring to a simmer and remove from the heat. Allow to steep for 10–20 minutes, then strain. Massage into wet hair daily. Store the leftovers in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Rosemary and sage are great astringents that also help stimulate hair follicles.

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