8 Ways to Make Ironing Easier

Whether you’re ironing pants, dress shirts, or other nice clothes, ironing can be an annoying chore. If your kids aren’t old enough to pay to do it, here are eight hacks to make ironing a little easier.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Vinegar: Your Iron’s Best Friend

When ironing, vinegar can be your best friend for removing (or making) creases. Just mix one part white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your garment and then run your iron over the spot to remove even ironed-in creases! A few spritzes of this vinegar and water solution can also help remove those shiny areas on fabric that are caused by hot irons. Some have even said that when when you’re done ironing, if spray your half water, half white vinegar solution on collars and underarm areas it will prevent yellow marks. Vinegar is also great for cleaning your iron. Just rub on with a damp cloth to remove residue from spray starch or fabric softeners.

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How to Cut Your Ironing Time

Get linen, cotton, and other hardy fabrics straighter, faster by covering your ironing board with shiny-side-up foil before you iron your clothes. It will basically iron them from both sides at the same time.

Iron On Your Favorite Fragrance

Here’s a little tip to make your clothes smell wonderful. Add a drop of your favorite perfume to the water in your steam iron, then iron your shirts, underwear, lingerie—everything! You’ll enjoy your favorite perfume wherever you go.

How to Easily Iron Pleats

Ironing pants with pleats? Use bobby pins to keep the pleats intact and you won’t have to worry about ruining them with the iron.

Call In Reinforcements

The easiest way to iron those hard-to-reach places between buttons on a blouse or dress shirt is actually with a straightening iron like you’d use for your hair (it’s also a great way to defend the purchase of a straightening iron!).

How to Get Out a Mark Left by an Iron

If you scorch a garment when ironing, cover the scorch mark with a vinegar-dampened cloth, then iron with a warm iron (not too hot). Presto! The burn is gone. For scorches on cotton garments, you can also use hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice instead. Just dab onto the scorch and leave out in the sun, which will bleach away the stain.

Iron a Straw Hat!

Did you know that you can iron beach hats? First, place a damp cloth between the straw and a warm iron. Rest the brim underside up on the ironing board and press, rotating the hat. For flat tops, place cardboard inside and pack with crumpled newspaper before pressing.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk

It can be tough to get wrinkles out of delicate silk blouses, since it’s usually not safe to use your iron’s steam setting on them. Here’s something you can try: Use an ice cube wrapped in a washcloth. Rub it on any wrinkles, then iron on the lowest heat setting. It’s damp enough to help flatten the fabric, without being too hot to handle.

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