9 Lipstick Hacks That Could Change Your Life

They say beauty is pain, but it doesn't have to be. Here are nine makeup hacks and tips every woman should know to find and apply that perfect lipstick shade, keep lipstick off your teeth, and more. 
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9 Lipstick Hacks That Could Change Your Life

How to Get a Fuller Lip

To give the illusion of a fuller upper lip, dab a touch of pale, iridescent sheen in the center of the lips, then rub to blend in with the rest of your lipstick. This will highlight your cupid’s bow (the curvy portion of your lips) by making it appear bigger.

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Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, after you apply, close your mouth over your finger and slowly pull it out. This will save you time and time again!

DIY Lipstick Remover

Long-lasting lipsticks are great, but they can be a pain to remove at the end of the day. Try putting a little olive or vegetable oil on a cotton ball to wipe the color away. It’s cheap, easy, and all natural!

Get the Last Bit of Lip Gloss

Running low on lip gloss? Place the closed tube of gloss in a glass of warm water for 10–15 minutes. The heat will loosen those last little bits, so you can use every drop.

Find Out Your Perfect Shade

To find your ideal lip color, purse your lips together tightly for 30 seconds, then release and take a look in the mirror. Look for a color that matches that slightly deepened shade. Like your lips, only better! 

How to Save Too-Dark Lipstick

Save a too-dark lipstick from a lifetime in the back of the make-up drawer by turning it into a lighter lip gloss. In a small bowl, heat a little petroleum jelly in the microwave until it is warm. (Try 5–10 seconds to start.) Then stir in a piece of your lipstick, and combine until well blended. If it’s still too dark, add a little more petroleum jelly. Once you’re satisfied with the shade, transfer it to a small container or tin for storage.

Prevent Lipstick Smudges

Keep your lipstick from smudging or setting with this simple trick: Just rub an ice cube over your lips after applying lipstick! It will last longer than ever before.

Quick Fix for Chapped Lips

Got chapped lips and don’t have any lip balm on hand? Actually, yes, you do—it’s right in your kitchen! You can use a little olive oil, vegetable oil, or even shortening for a quick moisturizing fix.

How to Remove Lipstick from Fabric

Lipstick can be one of hardest stains to remove! If you get a bit of lipstick on your clothes, first try removing by pressing a piece of strong tape on it over and over. For what’s left, use rubbing alcohol: The grease in lipstick makes it hard to get out of the fibers in fabric, but rubbing alcohol breaks through it nicely. Just apply rubbing alcohol with a damp cloth to the stain, and dab until the lipstick starts to come off, applying more alcohol as necessary. Then launder as usual.

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