2019 Fitness Goals and Trends from 7 Experts

The new year is upon us and that means resolutions, clean slates, and newly minted willpower is plentiful. Before you set your fitness goals in stone, here are a few wishes from some fitness professionals that you may want to keep in mind.

Brock Armstrong
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From Soul Cycle to OrangeTheory to BodyPump to PureBarre we have covered many of the most current fitness trends in 2018. From push-ups to squats to burpees to slouching to the dangers of stretching, we have looked at many ways to move our bodies and how we can improve on what we already know. From our DNA to our HRV to EMS devices to HIIT, we have dissected many acronyms and looked at how they can improve our fitness lives.

Well today, I am bringing in some experts to weigh in on what they would like to see us focus on in the coming year. My goal is to set us off on the right fitness foot for 2019.

7 Experts on 2019 Fitness Goals and Trends

Katy Bowman - internationally recognized biomechanist, author, podcaster, and science communicator found at nutritiousmovement.com

Brad Kearns - author, podcast host, professional Speedgolfer, and former professional triathlete found at bradkearns.com

Abel James - The Fat-Burning Man, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning talk show host, multi-instrumentalist, and serial entrepreneur found at fatburningman.com

Tawnee Prazak Gibson - holistic health and endurance sports coach, triathlete/multisport athlete, writer, speaker, and the host and owner of enduranceplanet.com

Debbie Potts - top age group triathlete, 5 times Ironman Hawaii World Championship qualifier, and host of the “The WHOLE Athlete” podcast found at thewholeathletepodcast.com

Trevor and Angie Spencer - runners, coaches, and hosts of the Marathon Training Academy podcast found at marathontrainingacademy.com

Ben Greenfield - biohacker, performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, triathlete, Spartan athlete, speaker, author and former Get-Fit Guy found at bengreenfieldfitness.com

The great thing about reaching out to a diverse group like this is that you never know what kind of answers or ideas you are going to get. And these fitness pros did not disappoint. There is nary a boring answer in the bunch.

Now, if you are worried that this episode is going to be filled with advice to spend more of 2019 in the gym or to sign up for a 100-mile death march or spend all of your savings on the latest home fitness equipment, do not fret. In fact, here is a portion of what Katy Bowman wishes for all fit folks for 2019. To get the other guest’s advice, you will have to listen to the podcast.

Take it away, Katy!

I don’t think we could call it a trend as it sort of forms the backbone of exercise science historically, but let’s say an approach to fitness I’d like to see changed is exercising as a means to get rid of calories as well as exercising for the sake of being a great exerciser.

Now, there’s nothing wrong or false with either of these—when you exercise you will both utilize calories and become better at exercising, making you more likely to do it again and again and again.

Instead of exercising to check it off, come up with a movement goal that’s not about exercise, that includes other people or a passion of yours—nature, community service, the environment, your family. If we consider the law of specificity, that you’re going to get better at the movements you’re doing, how well are you training for the movements in life?

I’d love to see this be on the intake form for all gyms and personal trainers—how can I develop a movement program for you that makes moving when you’re not exercising more fulfilling? These programs would think of you as more than a collection of calories, and more than a particular body composition—they would consider you as a body with an ecology, someone with many hats, many goals for your life, and many, many movements to put into your daily life that can help you fulfill your purpose.

Again, make sure you listen to the podcast to get all the great fitness advice like this and start your 2019 off on the right fitness foot.

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