3 Body Weight Exercises You Must Learn

Ben Greenfield
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Whether you can't make it to the gym, can't afford a gym membership, or just need some new intensity injected into your exercise routine, here are three high calorie burning body weight exercises that will keep you fit and trim

1. Counter-Movement Jumps. Any jumping or hopping motion causes calorie burning and a hormone release--both of which accelerate fat loss. If your knees are healthy, try performing a set of 10-15 of these after each set of a weight training routine, or just do 20-30 of them any time you need a metabolic boost.

2. Double Leg Back Bridge. This exercise is perfect for toning your butt and keeping your back strong, and it can be conveniently performed when you're hanging out at your house, watching TV, or warming up for a workout. Do them until your butt burns!

3. Side Plank Rotations. If you want a six pack or a flat stomach, and you're already eating healthy, you still need more than crunches. This is one of my favorite core exercises for both athletes and the general population, and it is perfect for narrowing the sides of your stomach!

Be sure to check out this YouTube channel, where there are more than 30 additional body weight exercises for you to try!

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