4 Ways to Stay Fit in the Office

Get-Fit Guy’s 4 easy ways to stay fit in your office – plus, how to create a physically active workplace.

Ben Greenfield
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For example, the emWave2 is a biofeedback device that trains you to change your heart rhythm pattern to facilitate a state of coherence and enter “the zone.” Basically, when you use the emWave2  a few minutes a day, it can teach you how to transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into peace and clarity, which is good for de-stressing, and stress is certainly linked to injury, illness, and lack of motivation to exercise.

But the emWave2 is large and you certainly can’t place it discreetly in your pocket or take it with you on a run. So there are other devices that do something similar, and track even more than the emWave2, such as the Zensorium Tinke, which is a small iPhone-compatible device that can take morning resting heart rate, breath rate, heart rate variability, pulse oximetry, and heart rate.

There’s also the SweetBeat HRV System, for which you will need the SweetBeat phone app, compatible chest strap, and wireless ANT+ adapter. This system will allow you to track your heart rate variability in real time, such as when you’re out on a run, and is also something you can use with meals to test food sensitivities by tracking your heart rate response to foods.

There are also wearable units you can clip to your body throughout the day, such as the Jawbone UP and FitBit, which measure sleep, movement, and calories burned. The new MyBasis watch is a device that measures motion, perspiration, and skin temperature, and captures heart rate patterns throughout the day and night.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to quantifying your workplace activity! You can take the data that you collect on your activity levels and upload it to any number of websites that will help you to keep track of your activity or compare it to others, including Fitocracy.com, MyFitnessPal.com, TrainingPeaks.com, DailyEndorphin.com or FitFeud.com


We started by talking about the costs of workplace illness and injury, and you already know you’re going to burn significant calories, make a serious dent in your waistline, and stay trim, fit and full of energy with the strategies above. So let’s finish with the reward for implementing these office fitness strategies.

Think about it this way: Every dollar invested in workplace wellness yields a $3 to $6 ROI. And employees actually want this stuff! In fact, 78% of employees say they’re interested in a company-sponsored wellness program and 60% of workers consider health and wellness programs an incentive to stay on the job.

One great example of how these measures can make a company more money is the DuPont corporation, which decreased disability days at its Tennessee plant by 14% after instituting a wellness program. This saved Dupont almost $120,000 annually!

As you can imagine, when you combine the individual happiness of you getting fit and having more energy with the corporate happiness of a financially healthy company not stressed by injuries and illness, you’ve got a win-win situation!

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