6 Quick Tips To Avoid Common Fitness Injuries

Ben Greenfield

 Whether you're first starting an exercise program or you've been a fitness fanatic for a long time, the following injuries commonly creep up during workouts. From foot to head, here are quick tips to avoid them!

  1. Plantar Fasciitis: This pain in the bottom of the foot or back of the heel can be avoided by making sure to wear proper exercise shoes, stretching the calves, and strengthening the feet (try walking barefoot around your house).

  2. Achilles Tendonitis. This is usually caused by walking or running on steep inclines before your body is ready for it or a result of having tight calves. Ease into hills and keep your calves flexible by stretching!

  3. Shin Splints: Typically caused by increasing run volume too quickly, and (no surprise!) tight calves. So build up to running, and again, stretch those calves!

  4. Elbow Pain: Typically caused by excessive flexing and extending of the elbow, especially with rigid objects like barbells. Try mixing things up with dumbbells and cables for any biceps or triceps exercises.

  5. Low Back Pain: Avoid excessive bending at the back. Use your knees instead, and be sure to include abdominal strengthening and hip flexor stretching exercises.

  6. Shoulder Pain: Avoid holding objects away from the body at arm's length, especially if you're just getting started, and be sure to do "rotator cuff" exercises to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder.

Finally, if you've already had an injury, be sure to check out these articles for tips on how to stay fit while injured: 

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