Bigger Belly = Shrinking Brain?

Can a bigger belly lead to a smaller brain? Research seems to suggest so. Find out more from the Get-Fit Guy

Ben Greenfield
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A very interesting recent study may indeed inspire you to eat less and exercise more. The researchers in the study, entitled “Abdominal obesity and lower gray matter volume” concluded their findings as follows:

"Our findings also provide some evidence that the inverse association between abdominal obesity and brain volume is particularly prominent for GMV, and that it is not mediated by vascular brain injury." 

What does this mean exactly?

The fact is we’re not quite sure. But what is suspected is that in overweight individuals, a combination of inflammation from excessive fat cells, insulin resistance from excessive food intake, and dysregulation of fat-derived hormones such as leptin, may actually cause damage to the brain.

So what can you do about this?

  1. Follow the exercise recommendations dished out each week by the Get-Fit Guy.
  2. Care for your brain by following the rules in this series on tricking your brain into giving you a better workout.
  3. Limit your food intake, but don’t necessarily eat “low-fat” per se, since your brain actually needs fats!

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