Can Yoga Get You Fit?

Can yoga really make you fit? Or is it only good for stretching and reducing stress? Find out in this episode of Get-Fit Guy and get two exclusive yoga fitness workouts.

Ben Greenfield
Episode #218

Get-Fit Guy's Yoga Fitness Workouts

So what does this hybrid form of yoga look like?

Here is one sample workout, perfect for a cardiovascular and fat loss boost:

  • Perform 5 sun salutations

  • Transition to Warrior 1 for 3 deep breaths

  • Transition to Warrior 2 for 3 deep breaths

  • Transition to Warrior 3 for 3 deep breaths

  • Go back to down dog position, transition to push-up plank position, and do 10 super slow push-ups (5 seconds down, 5 seconds up)

  • Jump up into a squat position and do 10 super slow squats (5 seconds down, 5 seconds up)

  • Sit down into a yoga boat hold position and hold for 3 deep breaths

  • Go into a bridge or wheel pose and hold for 3 deep breaths

  • Stand up and do 10 burpees

  • Return back to the beginning and complete the entire sequence 3-5 times

Here is another sample workout, perfect for more muscle building and bone density:

  • Perform 5 dive bomber push-ups (a more difficult form of a sun salutation)

  • Jump up into a standing position and do 5 super slow overhead squats holding a weight overhead, such as a dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell

  • Sit down on the ground and do 5 Turkish get-ups per side with the same weight. You’ll be getting tired by this point, but continue to focus on deep, diaphragmatic breathing – attempting to exhale during the exertion and inhale during the easier phases of the movement

  • Stand up and do 15-30 single arm kettlebell or dumbbell swings for each side

  • Do 10 burpees

  • In a standing position, complete one round of “hyperoxygenation” breathing, with 50 sharp deep inhales followed by 50 sharp shallow exhales

  • Return back to the beginning and complete the entire sequence 3-5 times

Try this hybrid form of yoga in the morning. It will help jumpstart your metablism and your day. 

What do you think? Do you have your own exercises to add to this hybrid yoga? Do you have more questions about whether yoga can get you fit? Head over to Facebook.com/GetFitGuy and join the conversation there!

Yoga man and yoga woman images courtesy of Shutterstock.


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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Idaho in sports science and exercise physiology; personal training and strength and conditioning certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA); a sports nutrition certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), an advanced bicycle fitting certification from Serotta. He has over 11 years’ experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports, and as helped hundreds of clients achieve weight loss and fitness success.

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