How to Biohack Fat Loss With a Kettlebell

As the holiday season approaches, you're probably wondering how to stave off the extra pounds that creep up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Get-Fit Guy has two awesome ways to make sure you stay lean, fit, and strong this winter using a kettlebell. Take the 30-day fat-hacking challenge to carve out a new you.

Ben Greenfield
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How to Biohack Fat Loss With a Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up

In addition to kettlebell swings, my other go-to exercise lately has been the Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up. This exercise consists of lying on the ground holding a heavy object, attempting to stand up to your feet while holding that object overhead, then returning to your starting position. The Turkish Get-Up is an excellent way to work on focused breathing, concentration, balance, strength, mobility, and getting your heart rate elevated all in one fell swoop.

Since I often do a morning stretch routine, I’ve been getting my heart rate up and “loading” my stretch routine by including several Turkish Get-Ups (usually 5-10 repetitions) for each arm. For example, I’ll lie on my back on the ground holding a kettlebell in my left hand with an outstretched arm, stand up to my feet slowly and with good form, then return to my starting position (lying on the ground), then switch to my right hand and repeat – switching back and forth until I’ve completed 5-10 repetitions per side.

Of course, I realize that the Get-Up is a pretty complex exercise to try to describe in writing or audio format, so here’s a link to a helpful video and complete written instructions on how to do a Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up.

The 30-Day Fat Hacking Challenge

So let’s end today’s episode with a special 30-day challenge, a challenge that is guaranteed to get you lean, burn calories, tone your backside, and give you powerful hamstrings and a strong core all winter long:

  1. Get yourself a kettlebell (I use an Onnit primal kettlebell with a motivating monkey face). I recommend men use a 45-55 lb weight and women use a 30-40 lb weight. A quick note: Kettlebells are sold in metric weights, so men should choose the 20-25 kg weight and ladies, choose the 15-20 kg kettlebell. 

  2. Do 5 Kettlebell Turkish Get-Ups on each side every day. It’s a great way to top off your morning cold shower and stretch routine, so I suggest getting this out of the way in the morning. Check out A Day in the Life of Get-Fit Guy for my daily routine.

  3. By the end of each day, make it your goal to amass 100 kettlebell swings. You can either do 100 with both hands on the kettlebell, or 50 for each arm. It doesn’t matter. You can also split these up however you desire (for example, do 5 sets of 20 spread throughout the day or do them all at once). If you’re a complete animal, then you can do 300, but this is only for advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Try this challenge during the entire month of November if you’re listening to this podcast or reading this article when it’s first released. Alternatively, do it from mid-November to mid-December (or better yet, Thanksgiving to Christmas). Heck, do it for 60 days if you really want to be an overachiever. 

Just do me one favor: if you decide you’re going to take on this challenge, use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your own blog to document each day and use hashtag #hackingfat. Just post something simple like:

“Completed 1 more day of @getfitguy’s #hackingfat 30 day challenge: 10 kettlebell get-ups and 100 swings. Feels great!”

If you have more questions about how to biohack fat loss with a kettlebell, then join the conversation over at Facebook.com/GetFitGuy, or simply head over there to let me and the rest of the Quick and Dirty Tips community know that you're tackling this challenge!

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