How to Get a Stronger Body Using a Unique New Workout Style

Here's an approach to getting a strong and shredded body using these hybrid gymnastics training techniques, along with my own addition of some high intensity intervals for athletes and exercisers who a bit more of a cardio component.

Ben Greenfield,
May 1, 2017
Episode #335

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You've already learned all about the concepts behind combining gymnastics, weight training complexes and high intensity interval training to get a strong and shredded body. In this episode, by putting this all together, you’ll see exactly what a sample day would look like.

Below is the complete mash-up. Depending on which options you choose, this workout will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. It is hefty, it is voluminous and it is intense, but it's unique mashup of gymnastics, metabolic bursts and weight training complexes will get you extremely fit, with just a couple workouts like this each week (I do mine on Mondays and Thursdays).


Easy 5 minute jog Full shoulder set with bands. I've been doing the exact Crossover Symmetry band training routine that I demonstrate in this video 30 burpees OR 1/8-1/4 mile run at race pace (masochists can do both)

Static Holds/Core/Positions: 

45 second Straight body hold between mats (stomach up) 45 second Straight body hold between mats (stomach down) Max Time Wall Handstand 15-30 V-ups 30 Olga Crunches

Metabolic Boost For Exercisers Who Want More Cardio:

Insert 30 jump pull-ups OR 1/8-1/4 mile run at race pace (masochists can do both)

Gymnastics Exercises:

Planch Walks with Sliders Crab Walks with Sliders 10 Press First Half Drills - Press Compression slider assist (start at 1 minute mark to end of video) 10 Press Ball Assist 30 Second L Sit Leg Extends (stay in tuck for as long as needed)

Metabolic Boost For Exercisers Who Want More Cardio:

Insert 30 burpees + 1/8-1/4 mile run at race pace (masochists can do both)


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