How to Get Better Legs and Abs For Summer

Get-Fit Guy’s tricks for getting your legs and abs ready for summer, no matter which body type you are.

Ben Greenfield,
Episode #094

As you learned last week, in the episode Which Body Type Are You?, an exercise program that works well for one person may not work as well for you. In today’s episode, you’re going to see how this information can be used on a practical level, and learn how to get better legs and abs for summer, no matter which body type you are.

Let’s go through each body type for males and females and see how each type can best achieve better legs and better abs for summer:

Male Ectomorph - Male ectomorphs have skinny arms and legs, thin waists, wrists and ankles, low muscle mass and “twig” shapes.  Since a male ectomorph has a harder time putting on muscle, single joint exercises like leg extensions, leg curls, or crunches are not the best solution for getting better legs and better abs. Instead, a male ectomorph should do heavy weights and low reps (6-8 reps) of barbell squats and deadlifts, since both these exercises target legs and abs very effectively.

Female Ectomorph - Female ectomorphs are waif-like and slim, with thin necks, shoulders, hips, wrists, calves, and ankles – a “ruler” shape. Although similar to male ectomorphs, female ectomorphs respond better to multi-joint exercises. I’ve found that in most cases, female ectomorphs feel more comfortable and tend to get injured less with exercises like goblet squats and swing squats  – with higher weights and lower reps (6-8 reps).


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