How to Get Fit While Watching TV

Learn exercise routines that you can do while watching television!

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #61

This week, Australian researchers reported that watching an hour of TV after the age of 25 can shorten the viewer's life by about 22 minutes. And for the past decade, multiple studies have been discovering direct correlations between hours of TV viewing and obesity. But I have to confess that despite these studies, I watch TV almost every day (and I’m particularly fond of any cooking shows or reality TV shows that involve talent competitions). So in this article, you’ll learn 3 exercise routines that you can do while watching television!.

Why Should I Exercise While Watching TV?

In the episode 7 Ways To Burn Calories By Standing More, we learned the perils of sitting – primarily a drop in metabolism, pressure on the low back, and a decrease in the activity of fat burning enzymes. It’s no wonder that people who sit and watch a lot of TV have weight problems!

While there are certainly times in life when you simply need the relaxing feeling of curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite movie, there are other times when there’s a TV show, movie, or sporting event that you really want to watch – despite your need to squeeze in an exercise session. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Here are 3 workout routines to get you fit while watching TV:

#1 TV Show Exercise Session

Most TV shows, especially typical sitcoms or dramas, have anywhere from 3 to 5 primary characters. Begin by choosing an exercise for each of those major characters. When you choose an exercise, remember to choose activities which you can do while facing the TV, since your TV workout will become annoying if you’re twisting, turning and missing the action onscreen.


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