Sore Muscle Remedy

Ben Greenfield
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Quick Tip: How to Treat Sore Muscles

Rather than simply resting a sore muscle, light physical activity and stretching can increase blood flow and minimize soreness. In addition, other useful activities include a brief cool-down walk or stretch directly after a workout, ice massage or an ice bath/shower,  foam roller or massage therapy, topical anti-inflammatories like Arnica rub and Magnesium oil, and compressive wraps like Ace bandages.

Below is a video of a favorite soreness-reducing foam roller I use called a Rumble Roller.



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Ben Greenfield received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Idaho in sports science and exercise physiology; personal training and strength and conditioning certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA); a sports nutrition certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), an advanced bicycle fitting certification from Serotta. He has over 11 years’ experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports, and as helped hundreds of clients achieve weight loss and fitness success.